How Do I Catch A Cab?

Have you ever wondered how taxi cabs work? Like how to flag a cab down or have a taxi dispatched to your residence?

This page will explain all the ways you might get in a cab.

1. Call Dispatch

Simple enough. Dial (502)635-6400 and speak with one of our professional dispatchers and they will take your call. They will want your pick up address, drop off address, name and telephone number. Our dispatch system then uses GPS tracking to find the nearest taxi to your address and offers that driver the run. Once accepted you will receive a text message from the driver and then another text when the cab arrives at your address.

2. Text Dispatch

Just the same as calling but some people prefer to book a cab via text (sms) messaging. Well we are ready for you text message taxi requests. Just hit us at @ (502)635-6400

3. Book Online

Use our simple interactive book map below:

4. Flag a cab

Just like you see on TV, get close to the curb and throw that hand up and the next taxi cab passing by that has his top light on. This techiniqe can be tricky, it works well at busy times at busy locations such as downtown, Baxter Avenue, St. Matthews and Frankfort Ave.

5. Go to a cab line

There are designated “taxi stands” around the city. You can find a cab stand at The Galt House Hotel, The Marriott Downtown, The Hyatt Regency, 4th Street Live, The SeelBach Hilton and The Brown Hotel. Just walk up to a cab and ask for a ride.

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